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Theatre Skills are Skills for life

Being part of a theatre school has an endless amount of positive benefits. Here at GO Theatre School, we are certainly no different!! I want to talk about why being a student here at GO is so fantastic (If I do say so myself). GO sets our students up with skills that they can take through in life. So how can theatre skills transfer into everyday life you ask? Let’s take a look…

The first is really simple, the skill of being social! In this modern day society, young people can be so caught up in social media, gaming, phones, iPads and laptops. Being a part of GO gets children involved in a hobby and out of a virtual world and into a more sociable and fun world! This stands our young people in good stead for future jobs and interactions.

The skills you’re gaining at GO could help you bag a place at college or university. We offer you the chance to gain experience in the performing arts which shows colleges and universities that you are outgoing and willing to try new things. It also shows that you can really stick at something you are passionate about.

Presenting yourself well is a crucial part of achieving many aims – and here at GO we ensure that our students are always kind, encouraging and confident. Young people need a safe space where they can practise presenting and expressing themselves. For a lot of young people, they have a real fear of looking silly or doing something which sets them apart from their friends. Being part of a theatre school stops this feeling of embarrassment and embraces silliness and being individuals. In drama class, doing something out of the ordinary is celebrated!

At school, there is obviously a great emphasis on children learning to read and write and rightly so, as these are fundamental skills. But is there as great an interest in how confidently and clearly that children are speaking? If you consider how much we communicate orally, interacting with friends, family, colleagues and strangers, then it seems odd that more emphasis isn’t put on this in schools. Good communication is an essential life skill. It allows us to make friends, get the most out of school, land the dream job, succeed in that dream job. You would really have to wrack your brains to think of a job that doesn’t demand good communication skills (You can let me know if you think of one). This is why drama is so good for young children: it teaches them not only how to speak clearly, loudly and with confidence, but many other communication skills as well. For example, at GO we think about various other parts of communication like giving eye contact and having clear diction.

A benefit that I particularly value is that drama teaches empathy. In our drama classes, we portray various different characters and emotions. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is sometimes a great way to imagine how others may be feeling. Being empathetic and caring is a very valuable skill to take with you through life.

Shyness is common in young children who are just finding their feet in the world, and it can be a worry about how your child will interact at school with their peers. At GO Theatre School we encourage our young students to open up. We develop social skills which help our students to come out of their shell, grow in confidence and boost their self-esteem. Confidence will help with interview skills, or, just the ability to be outgoing and speak to various people through life. Performing can do wonders for your confidence, another necessary life skill!

I feel this last reason is the most important, although I’m cheating slightly as it isn’t a skill as such, but a way of life. Here at GO we offer our young people a sense of belonging. Friendships are vital to have in life, at GO they have friends that they can learn from, perform with, give each other support, offer shoulders to cry on, to laugh with and most importantly to have fun with.
At GO we offer all of these life skills. If your child is aspiring to a career in Performing Arts, to speak more effectively in public or to just enjoy the challenge of rehearsals, Go Theatre and our experienced and professional staff can offer a pathway to greater skills and greater confidence, all through the medium of live theatre.



EJ x

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