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Just Dance! You’d be amazed at the benefits…

What’s a fun, easy way for children to improve their social skills? Two words: just dance! Studies show dance lessons and extracurricular activities are a great way to cultivate a child’s social and emotional growth. At an early age, it’s vital for kids to learn how to share, cooperate and show empathy toward others.   Here’s …


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Everyone needs a little drama!

Since 2009, Go Theatre has been a leading Theatre School in Cardiff. Our part-time classes in Dance, Singing, and Drama give students aged 4 – 18 the opportunity to train, to get creative and to perform! Whether they aspire to a career in Performing Arts, to speak more effectively in public or to just enjoy …


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Happiness is… Happy, Healthy, Children

With screen time taking up more and more of a child’s day getting them to exercise can be a challenge. As a parent trying to incorporate exercise into your child’s lifestyle can be difficult but there is an easy way to make exercise fun – dance classes? Dancing is a fantastic way for young children …


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How Dance Can Boost Children’s Confidence

There are a lot of reasons for kids to take up dancing and attend a dance school but one of the subtler ones is the way it boosts their confidence. Sometimes children don’t seem like they have a problem with this but even the ones that seem confident need practice and encouragement to shine. Whether …


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“The show must go on…”

…And you can be part of it, but first of all, you need to get through the audition!! With our top audition tips, it will be easy peasy.   Before Audition day: You want your voice to be pleasing to listen to, so record yourself and play it back, taking note of your breathing, projection, …


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Why Is Drama Good For Children?

As Principal of a theatre school, I’m asked this question a lot and I could sit here all day rolling out a huge list of reasons why drama is good for children; it helps to develop physical, social and intellectual skills, builds confidence and imagination, the list is endless but there’s a less obvious reason …


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The first rule of Dance Class is…..

…to make sure you are ready for Dance class! It’s an investment, you are investing your time, and energy learning how to dance, so the last thing you want is for any of that to go to waste by not making the most of every dance class. You might think that the best dancers become …


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Dancing Isn’t Just Fun – It’s the Best Start for Young Children

Dancing is fun whether you are 8 or 80, and it is great to spark an interest in dance from a very early age. That interest can blossom into something magical and has many fantastic benefits for your little ones that you may not even have considered.   Let’s have a closer look at what …


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Why are performing arts important?

Unlike school, at GO there are no wrong answers, everyone is actively encouraged to express themselves, this, in turn, can improve and develop many different skills, all of which will play a big role in adult life: Giving and receiving constructive criticism No one is perfect, a fact that some children find hard to understand. …


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Hobbies can turn to Passion

During this time of technology craziness, we need to make sure our children are engaging in some form of physical activity or hobby that veers them away from their iPads, laptops, PlayStations and televisions. It is also important to note that even though something may only start out as a hobby, it can often mature …